Reinventing Solutions, Holistically

Reinventing Solutions, Holistically

Reinventing Solutions, HolisticallyReinventing Solutions, HolisticallyReinventing Solutions, Holistically

 Trust us for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy solutions 

Xenergi Sdn. Bhd.


Our Services

We provide advisory services on energy savings targets in EE & RE and contract matters for an external company to deliver the proposed upgrades. The external company will finance the project cost under the EPC with Shared Savings Scheme where the project investment cost is structured in such way to be paid through the realized energy operational savings


Our Projects

Xenergi has several on-going projects that are focused on Energy Efficiency while others focus on applying Renewable Energy and Green Technology Solutions. However, we believe that EE and RE application of solutions go hand-in-hand and work best when considered together 


About Us

 Xenergi was incorporated to serve client requiring energy and sustainability solution . Although new in the market, Xenergi combines experiences of over 160 years of team associates

Our associates have solid engineering background with vast Energy and Facility Management Project experience locally and internationally to enable us to offer our prospective clients the best services & solutions. We have technical and financial strength to deliver quality project